BP NutriCost
  About This calculator provides a platform to explore the elemental nutrient value in compound fertilisers based on the proportional contribution to its cost price, compared to using straight products. Each nutrient is valued equally from an agronomic perspective. Output also provides an indication of premium being paid for multi-nutient products versus the same nutrients purchasing separately.
  General White cells  in the calcualtor can be edited or changed.  Calculations are not saved on exit so if a records is required, print a copy when all input fields have been filled.
  Price straight products Input names of straight products or leave as default elemental description
  Product price and nutrient %  Input the fertiliser cost and nutrient concentration (%) of the straight products. (PLEASE NOTE The default prices diplayed and nutrient % of fertiliser are for demonstraion purposes only and do not reflect current market conditions. User must input current local cost to produce a valid evaluation). The pricing of straights and compound should both  be list prices ex depot ot dleivered on farm.
  Compound product name Input  the name of  the compound product if printing.
  Nutrient Analysis % Input the nutrient analysis of the compound product
  Compound fertiliser cost Input the cost of the compound fertiliser product
  Application rate   Enter the intended application rate of compound product
  Output Elemental price ($/kg) of nutrients in straight products
Elemental price ($/kg) of nutrients in compound products adjusted for all nutrients supplied
Dollar per tonne premium or savings (negative and in red) by applying as compound rather than straights (does not account for differences in application costs).
Dollar per hectare premium or savings by applying as compound rather than straights (does not account for differences in application costs).

  Disclaimer The evaluation and recommendation reports provided here are a guide only, and depend on representative samples being analysed. Additionally environmental and managerial factors influence performannce therefore as suppliers of this decision support we do not accept any liability whatsoever arising from the application of recommendations, for any damage, loss or injury of any nature and the user takes these evaluations and recommendations on these terms. This recommendation is made in good faith, based on the best technical information available.
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  BPC NutriCost             Simple NP Calc      
  Price Straight Products    Product Price ($/tonne) Product Nutrient % Nutrient cost ($/kg)   Product Product Price $/t Product Nutrient % N Cost
        Price $/t   N% P%  
      P  Cost $/kg      
        Compound Product Nutrient Analysis  
  Compound Product Name   Price ($/t) N P K S Zn Cu Mn  
  Proportional fraction of cost      
  Nutrient Cost ($/kg)      
      % $/tonne              
  Compound Product Premium/(Saving)                
  Application Rate of Compound    kg/ha              
  Convenience cost of compound    $/ha              
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